Mission and Vision

Objectives of the Institution

To develop the institution as center of excellence this will achieve its awn set target for excellence and sustain same with the autonomy and accountability.

The institution will be dynamic, demand driven, quality conscious efficient and for word looking, responsive to rapid economic and technological development occurring both at state and national level. To establish Travels and Tourism institute interaction for snaring of resource for mutual benefit and batter placement of students.

Basic Academic philosophy of the institution

In order to address the problem of growing unemployment, channelize the youth towards proactively, imbibing state vocational training to develop technical skill it is necessary to make holistic manpower so as to attain employability check, brain drain and migration of students to other states. In the globalization, that technology is solution for growth in different sectors like industrial, medical, horticulture, agriculture, hydropower, transportation, roads, tourism and hotel management etc. skilled manpower of high quality would play a major role in economic and industrial development thus requiring competency based human resources development in these fields.