Rules and Regulations

Minimum Compulsory Attendance for Trainee

The minimum compulsory attendance in each subject for trainees in regard to their eligibility for final trade test is 80% of the actual number of working days.

Where a trainee absent himself/herself for more than half the number of days, for whatsoever reasons, He/she is not allowed to continue his/her training and is discharged from the rolls

Holidays/Leave Admissible to Trainees

Trainees are allowed the same holidays as fixed by Himachal Pradesh government for its staff. If the trainee is a stipend holder, he/she will be paid stipend at full rate during holidays. There will be no summer/winter holidays.

Causal Leave

In addition to usual holiday, trainees are admissible to avail casual leave @8 days per year ,6 days at any one time subject to the sanctioning of leave by competent authority. Casual leave can't be combined with another kind of leave.

Medical leave upto

15 days subject to production of medical certificate from a medical officer may be granted. Leave for a further period of not exceeding 3 weeks for one year course and for two year trades course can be granted in case of serious illness. This leave can be granted only once in the training period on recommendation of medical officer acceptable to competent authority.

Special Leave

Special leave upto 10 days on private affairs may be allowed only in extraordinary cases where head of institute is satisfied that requirement is genuine.

Unauthorized Leave

For unauthorized absence upto 10 consecutive 10 days at a time. The Principal of the institute should issue written warring to the trainee for the first occasion. If the offence is repeated, will be discharged from rolls.


As a trainee who absent himself from training institute for 10 consecutive days without permission and informing the reasons of his absence is treated as an absconder and struck of f the rolls


  • All the trainees of the institute shall abide by the rules and regulations Guardian/ parents are assumed to have agreed to the rules when their wards join the institute.
  • Trainees are required to attend the institute regularly and punctually unless granted leave of absence by the relevant authorities, they are liable to be fined if found late or irregular.
  • The students should maintain cleanliness in their respective classroom, labs and campus. Any trainee found damaging the institute property will be severely dealt with.
  • The whole class is responsible for the care of institute's property and punishable collectively if the damage is not traced to an individual.
  • No association can be formed without the permission of the principal.
  • As the institute provides the raw material and equipments, the projects made as assignments work by the students will be the property to institute and the students cannot claim them as a matter of right. However the institute reserved the right of their disposal.
  • The principal reserves the right to remove any student, if in opinion he or she is not fit or associating himself/herself with disorderly proceeding or misbehaving inside or outside the institute

Note : No request for change of category after admission for whatsoever reason shall be entertained candidate shall not be entitled for the refund or waving of tuition fee after admission, under any circumstances


  • 1. Every Student is required to attend regular classes as notified for lectures and practical. Any student who is late may not be allowed to enter the lecture or practical hall.
  • 2. Student must not leave the station without the permission of the Principal/Director.
  • 3. Any Student breaking of damaging any Institute Property shall be required to pay the cost toward repair or replacement. In case of willful damage he/she shall be punished as the director /principal may deem fit.
  • 4. Students are required to absolve orders and quietness all time in the Institution.
  • 5. Students are prohibitive to smoke and drink in the Institute Area.
  • 6. The decision of the Principal/Director in all cases shall be final.
  • 7. Mobile phones are not allowed in Institute/Class Room strict action may be taken against defaulter students.
  • 8. Do not keep any jewellery , valuable articals or large some of money in your room. In case of any theft or loss, the Institute will not be responsible at all.
  • 9. The Institute shall observe all gazette holidays as observe by Central Govt. and 6 days a week.>
  • 10. Sevier disciplinary proceeding will be taken against the students who be founds involved in immoral conduct in or out side the Institute.
  • 11. All the courses offered are vocational and job oriented courses. Courses are valid for employment. But Institute does not give any job Guarantee as it depends fully upon appointing authority to select or reject any candidate what so ever the case may be.
  • 12. Students shall not be allowed to take part in any kind of strike or union etc. Any violation may be result with rustication from the college and the final decision of the management shall be final